Survival Kit Necessities

By: / Mar 18th 2015.
1) Warmth & Shelter
- Tent
When selecting the perfect tent to carry in a survival kit, it is important to consider convenience
- Heavy duty emergency blankets
- Ponchos
- Handwarmers
The 8’ x 6’ emergency two person tube tent comes with a 25’ nylon rope and is super lightweight, water resistant, and easy to set up between two trees. This tent is ideal for camping, emergencies, sporting events, and other shelter needs. The tube tents, emergency blankets, and ponchos all come in vibrant orange for high visibility.

2) Food & Water
- Portable Stove,
- Water Filter
- Emergency Flasks
The portable camping stove is a necessity for any outdoor activity such as camping, hiking, or fishing. The stove uses butane or propane fuel, has a magnitude of 2800W, and has Piezoelectric Auto-Ignition so no matches, lighter, or batteries are needed! In addition to the stove’s convenient size, it also features fold out leg and pot supports which make it easy to carry around in the nylon zip pouch. Safe drinking water is also extremely important and the survival kit comes with a water filter that will sanitize water that can be stored in the water bottle or 5 liter emergency flasks.

3) Safety & Health
Make sure to stay safe and healthy with the McNett 46pc first-aid kit, Dynamo flashlight, flameless flares, 4pk of 8 oz. waterless wash, compact sewing kit, 3 assorted size safety pins, 12 compressed towel tablets, camo form, 100’ of Kevlar, work gloves, duct tape, and handy wilderness guide. The 4-In-1 Dynamo flashlight is powered using a hand crank and features AM/FM radio, cell phone charger port, and a siren. The kit covers many basic safety needs in case of emergency.

4) Tools Useful tools in the survival kit include a hatchet/pry bar, 7” hunting knife with a fire starter and canvas sheath, and a 6” sharpening stone. The kit also comes with a backpack that conveniently carries all of the essential supplies. Make sure to keep one of these kits in your house, trunk, boat or anywhere you'll be able to grab it and go if need be!

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