12pc Aluminum Dog Tag Key Chains

12pk Military GI Engrave-able Blank Dog Tags Key Chains Red Aluminum Dog Tag on Key ChainBlack Aluminum Dog TagPink Aluminum Dog TagBlue Aluminum Dog Tag
12pk Military GI Engrave-able Blank Dog Tags Key Chains
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Officially Licensed ASR Outdoor Product
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If you have a hard time telling your pet apart from other pets and tend to take the wrong medication at the worst of times, get these colorful dog tags that are perfect for engraving that information! After that, spend some time with your animal and apologize for what you may have said while under the influence of the wrong medication.

Identify pets or medications easily with the 12pk of Aluminum Dog Tags! These are also great to use for luggage identification and other travel needs.

This pack of dog tags comes with 12 blank key chains, all perfect for engraving. Each pack comes with 6 different colors and the chain is 3.25" in length.

Make sure to grab a few of these to easily identify just about anything!


Overall Size: 2" x 1.25" Key Chain Length: 3.25"
Material: Aluminum 6 Assorted Colors for Identifying Pets, Medications, etc.
Blank; Engrave-able


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(12) Assorted Aluminum Dog Tag Key Chains
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