McNett Bag to Bag Water Filter Kit

McNett Bag to Bag Water FilterMcNett Bag to Bag Water Filter Kit Box
McNett Bag to Bag Water Filter
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This water filtration system is as simple as it can be. Gravity does all the work as lake water turns to purified drinking water, keeping your friends and family healthy and hydrated.

In a world filled with bacteria and contaminants, health and safety should be a priority to all. Whether you're out on a hiking expedition or you're making an emergency preparedness kit for your family and friends, clean drinking water is a must.

The WaterBasics water purifier will take care of your health and hydration needs. It's as simple as holding or placing the unfiltered bag above the filtered bag - and then stepping bag and letting gravity do the work. Within minutes, your filtered bag will fill up with tasty, purified, drinking water.

This water filter is an absolute necessity in all emergency situations - earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters that threaten our safety. With the increase in earthquakes in recent years as well as the impending destructive earthquake said to hit the West Coast, it's a good idea to have a water filter handy in case the situation arises. When the local water supply becomes contaminated, you will easily be able to care for your families health with this easy-to-use water filter.


GRN Line Biological Protection Accepts any WaterBasics Series II emergency filter
Filters up to 80 gallons Gravity does the work
Compact kit includes everything you need to collect, filter, store and dispense life saving water. Filter made in the USA


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GRN Line Filter
2x Tubing
Bulb Pump
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