ASR Outdoor Micro Compact Lightweight Multifunction Portable Bicycle Lock 2 keys

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Cable Bike Lock
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Product Description

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This 2 Foot Compact Bike Lock by ASR Outdoor is a portable bike security solution. Make sure that your bike doesn't get stolen with this product.

The Universal Tool Compact Bicycle Cable Lock is ideal for any cyclist looking to keep their bike secure while not in use. Simply unlock it, fasten it around your bike and a pole, and turn the key!

This bike lock is super compact, lightweight and portable, so you'll be able to lock your bike up anywhere.

Constructed from a 2ft, 16 gauge braided steel cable with a weather proof vinyl coating, you won't have to worry about it wearing down or becoming unusable.

The bike lock is multi-functional - it can be used to lock up mopeds and strollers as well!

Make sure to bring one of these along whenever you need to lock up your transportation outside.


Construction: 16 gauge Steel Braided Cable
Vinyl Coated Length: 2ft
Color: Black Locking Mechanism: Key
Ideal for Bikes, Strollers, Mopeds, Scooters and More!


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(1) 2ft Cable Bike Lock
(2) Keys
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