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Be unstoppable with the ASR Tactical 30" Multi Function Axe. This lightweight forcible entry tool includes a nylon sheath as well as a hammer head and pry bar handle.

Be unstoppable with the full size 30-inch ASR Tactical Forcible Entry Pry Bar Axe with Hammer Head End. It is a strong, light weight multipurpose forcible entry tool that is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hands no matter what application you are using it to work with. This combination tool is double-sided with an axe blade on one side of the head and a hammer on the other so you can count on it to get the job done. Also known as an axe/hatchet, these multi-function tools are great for driving nails, splitting wood for a fire, pushing in tent stakes or just about any campground chore. In addition to these essential outdoor tools, the head also features a pry bar that is ideal for removing nails or forcing two objects apart as well as acting as a strong lever in a pinch when needed for forcible entry

What sets this Axe Hammer apart is its large size - it measures 30" in length so it will split the toughest of wood or pound the largest of nails. It weighs just under 6 pounds so although we can't recommend it for backpacking, but it could work well as a self-defense tool in an emergency. The pry bar acts a durable forcible entry tool that will stand up to the hardest of beatings. When used in the closed position this tool is ideal for chopping, prying or metal cutting.

Constructed of durable, high-quality black 440 stainless steel that won't rust, the ASR Tactical Forcible Entry Pry Bar Axe can be used rain or shine. It features a G10 handle that is built using high-pressure on layers of fiberglass mesh cloth that are combined with an epoxy resin binder to ensure durability. G10 is a favorite thermoset plastic laminate among knife and gun handle manufacturers due to its aforementioned properties.

The blade itself measures about 9" and the hammer head is about 2" in length. Due to its size and quality construction, this tool also makes for a great addition to any blade collector's display. This is a must-have multi-tool for campers and blade enthusiasts alike!

Included with the 30-inch ASR Tactical Forcible Entry Pry Bar Axe comes with a sturdy nylon sheath to protect the blade when not in use.


MULTI-FUNCTION TOOL - ASR Tactical Dual-head Tool Comes with Axe and Hammer for Camping, Cutting Wood, Driving Tent Stakes and Nails | Pry Bar Removes Nails, Forces Objects Apart and Acts as LeverOVERALL SIZE - Axe Hammer Measures 30" in length with 9" Axe Blade and 2" Hammer Head | Weighs 5.9lbs
G10 HANDLE - Grey Handle Made of G10 Thermoset Plastic Laminate with Epoxy Resin Binder to Ensure Durability | Preferred Material of KNife and Gun Handle Manufacturers440 STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION - Full Tang Hammer Head and Axe Made of High-quality Black Stainless Steel that won't Rust | Ideal for Use Rain or Shine
NYLON SHEATH - Comes with Sturdy Black Nylong Sheath with Snap Buckles to Protect Blade When Not in Use | Easily Store in Car, Trunk, Garage or Workshop

California Proposition 65 Information

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.


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