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Pick locks not your nose.

This complete kit for pin tumbler locks is a progressive learning system. Start with the 1 pin lock and work your way up to the 5 pin skill level!

This kit consists of a table-top "door" stand and five interchangeable brass pin tumbler lock cylinders. All necessary tools are included, complete with a learning guide.

Included are all necessary tools and fittings and a learning guide. The progressive learning system utilized is based on positive reinforcement of learned skills as one progresses rapidly from picking a 1 pin lock up to a standard 5 pin lock. It's a unique and ideal system for learning basic lock-picking skills as well as being a great testing ground for new picks and methods.


Complete Lock-Picking Guide All Necessary Tools Included
Ideal Training Set For Beginners to Become Expert Lock Pickers Easy to Use for Beginners and Professionals


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(1) Complete Lock-Picking Kit
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