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This 7 function flasher is perfect for any situation where safety or visibility come into question. This flasher includes an arm strap and bike attachment.

This super Bright White 5 LED Flasher is perfect for any biker or night-time activity.

Safety at night, or on the road, is very important. This 7 function flasher will make sure you are as safe as possible.

These functions include: all LEDs on, all LEDs flashing fast, all LEDs flashing slow, flashing in a pattern from left to right, flashing in a pattern from right to left, flashing fast in a pattern from left to right, flashing in a pattern from left to right then right to left, and all LEDs off.

Along with multiple flasher options, this light comes with an arm strap and bike attachment for uses when biking on the road, jogging, hiking, Halloween with the kids, or any where visibility is in question.


Compact and Lightweight Water Resistant
Uses 2AA Batteries (Not Included) Comes with Arm Band and Bike Attachment
5 LED Brightness: 15,000 MCD
Dimensions: 2" x 2.75"


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(1) White 7 Function Flasher

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