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There is a 3-staged LED switch (Low, Mid, Hi), a UV attraction range of 360-400nm, a 600-volt grid electrified fence and an integrated hook that can fold for travel. The battery is a 1200 mAh 3.7 V. Full recharge time take 2-6 hours while runtime varies from setting

The ASR Outdoor 360-degree Electric Rechargeable Bug Zapper is a efficient and effective Mosquito Killer UV Bug Zapper. This compact and portable electric Bug Zapper has a range of 16 feet and puts out a constant stream of UV light that is within the ideal attraction range of 300nm-400nm ultraviolet light for mosquitoes, fruit flies, nats and other pesky unwanted bugs and insects. Utilizing this UV light wave length works to attract these pesky insects so they stay far away from you and fly straight into the electric zapper field. Highly waterproof this electric Bug Zapper is IPX6 rated, meaning that it will keep on working when you've got your hood on and the rain is coming down all around.

The LED Light and UV Electric Bug Zapper is Ultra-Bright, 1-Watt, 6000K, bright white, LED Lantern with a shatter resistant cover that has a 3-staged LED Light switch (Low, Mid, Hi), a UV attraction range which controls the 600-volt grid electrified fence that zaps bugs dead, a mircoUSB cable for charging, which is the ideal plug since you'll want to plug it into a external li-ion battery pack to charge since the outdoors don't have pronged electrical outlets. The integrated hanging hook unfolds from inside the body of the mosquito zapper that hides easily for simple travel. The battery is rated at 1200 mAh making the recharge time take 2-6 hours while runtime varies on the setting you have the bug zapper working at;


UV Field - 30 hours

Low Light - 20 hours

Mid Light - 8 hours

High Light - 4 hours

Easy and Safe to use. This bug zapper fly swatter is non-toxic and chemical free, comes has a removable lampshade and plastic cage to protect you from touching the inner wire. It is super lightweight, cordless and compact; dimensions are 3.5" x 5"; weighs only 204g/ 0.45 pound

Stop buying stinky bug sprays and smoky coils and replace them with this, waterproof dual function Mosquito Bug Killer and Lantern in one Perfect for outdoor patios, RV’s, camping or back yards. Each bulb can clear a 16’ x 16’ area providing a comfortable mosquito free zone.


3 STAGE BUG ZAPPER LED LANTERN: The ASR Outdoor bug zapper LED lantern has three modes that provide light while simultaneously warding off mosquitoes; the camping lantern also features an integrated hook and handle for easing carrying, hanging or backpack attachment; the 360-degree fence design is great for fending off unwanted bugs or insects around your tent or camping areaPORTABLE & ADVENTURE READY: Measuring just 7.5 inches in height and very lightweight, this portable LED light and bug zapper can easily fit into a backpack, survival kit, vehicle emergency bag or with your camping gear. The LED lantern and bug zapper also features an integrated pop up handle and hanging hook for hands free lighting if and when needed
WATERPROOF DESIGN: The LED lantern bug zapper is IP44 Certified, meaning that even if it’s raining and you’re breaking out the rain ponchos, the lantern and bug zapper won’t stop working to give you light and a comfortable bug free area whether you’re working, sleeping, reading in your tent or cooking over the campfireRECHARGEABLE BATTERY: You’ll never have to worry about packing batteries with this LED lantern bug zapper! The ASR Outdoor bug zapper LED lantern is rechargeable via a 1200 mAh battery (included); Micro USB cable also included; Run time for LED lantern is 6.5 hours; Run time for bug zapper is 5.5 hours; Together run time is 4.5 hours; Full recharge time is 3.5 hours
SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: 2.75 inches wide x 7.5 inches tall x 2.5 inches deep; Weight: 204g/ 0.45 pound; Color: Orange/Black; Lantern: 120 Lumen LED and 365nm UV Wave Length, bulb included; Battery: 1200 mAh Lithium Rechargeable Battery (included); Rain Proof: IPX6 Certified; Micro USB cable included, 110V or 240V by 5V Safety Power Source

California Proposition 65 Information

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including bisphenol_a_(bpa), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. www.p65warnings.ca.gov


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