Black Eagle Etched Dagger Bowie Knife

Black Eagle Etched Dagger Bowie Knife
Black Eagle Etched Dagger Bowie Knife
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The Black Eagle Dagger Bowie Knife is great for any outdoorsman that wants their blade to be both functional and beautiful.

The Collectible Black Eagle Dagger Bowie Knife with Sheath would be a great addition to any knife-collector's collection. The blade of the dagger is 7" in length and is made from strong 440 Stainless Steel. The total knife length is 13.75" from point to pommel.

The blade itself has a great acid etched design to give it style. The scabbard features a beautifully colored picture of a flying eagle while the pommel of the dagger is a steel eagle head.


7" Acid Etched Stainless Steel BladeIntricately Detailed Cast Metal Guard
Cast Metal Eagle Head PommelFull Color Scabbard and Handle Graphic
13.75" Inch Overall Length


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(1) Black Eagle Etched Dagger
(1) Scabbard with Eagle Design
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