Avatar Novelty Replica Black Carbon Bone Knife

Bone Dagger in Leather SheathNa'vi Collectible Bone Dagger13.5 Inch Dagger with Scale
Bone Dagger in Leather Sheath
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Collectible Avatar Na'vi Black Carbon Bone Dagger Curved Blade with Leather Sheath

The distant planet Pandora is home to many exotic creatures. This dagger is directly designed to be from this surreal environment to assist any Pandorian in the wild living forests.

The 13.5 inch curved blade with bone handle design is replicated for any knife collector or cosplay enthusiast. The blade is not intended for practical knife use (cutting, slicing, stabbing).

The dagger curves dramatically and fits well in any hand size and is sure to impress any lover of the highest-grossing film of all time. And can act as a great gift for any novelty knife collector.


Length: 13.5 Inches Avatar Replica Dagger
Bone Style Handle Leather Sheath with Belt Loop


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Avatar Bone Dagger
Leather Sheath
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