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Fix gear while out in the field with the ASR Outdoor Survival Sewing Kit! This kit comes with Kevlar sewing line and 7 assorted stainless steel needles for sewing in an emergency.

Fix gear while out in the field with the ASR Outdoor Survival Sewing Kit!

This kit comes with 2 spools of 80lb Kevlar sewing line, each containing 75ft of braided line. They both are affixed to the ASR Rapid Deployment Spools, which provide a quick and efficient release as well as tangle-free storage. You'll never have to worry about getting your line tangled while in your pocket, tackle box or bug out bag again.

One spool contains a desert tan line, while the other is green. The green line features a water-resistant wax finish. We've also included a storage tube with 7 assorted heavy-duty stainless steel needles. Among these needles are 2 sailmakers made in the US - the triangular sailmaker needle can also be used to drill wood and other soft materials. Most of the needles feature large eyes, so even the inner lines from 550 paracord can be used for sewing.

The kit comes packed in a clear polypropelene case. Make sure to grab this kit to keep in your bug out bag, boat, truck or camping gear!


2 Spools of 80lb Strength Kevlar Line - 75ft EachColors of Kevlar: Forest Green & Desert Tan on Rapid Deployment Spools
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Needles - Large EyesComes w/ 2 US-made Sailmaker Needles
Compact Polypropelene Case for Safe Storage

California Proposition 65 Information

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.


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(1) Forest Green Rapid Deployment Kevlar Spool (75ft)
(1) Desert Tan Rapid Deployment Kevlar Spool (75ft)
(7) Assorted Stainless Steel Needles
(1) Compact Storage Case
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