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ASR Outdoor’s magnetic prospector’s pick is made of hardened steel for your toughest jobs in camping, prospecting, gardening, treasure hunting and more. The embedded magnets in the head and the handle make it easier to pick up small nails, nuts and bolts, and black sand while prospecting. It has a compact design and collapses into 4 parts. This pick can fit into the black nylon canvas storage case with belt loop and individual slots for each part.

Whether gold panning, treasuring hunting, camping or even gardening, sometimes a shovel or trowel just isn’t enough to get the job done. Insert the ASR Outdoor Stainless Steel Magnetic Dual Head Pickaxe is ideal for breaking, prying and digging hard-pan soil and other materials. This specific mattock tool features a unique collapsible design, breaking down into four parts for easy packing and carrying to and from claim site in your backpack.

Machined from both aluminum and hardened stainless steel for tough jobs like digging holes or breaking through soil; the three part handle is constructed of lightweight and durable aluminum with knurled texture for an effective and comfortable grip, while the dual headed pick is made from extremely durable and unforgiving heat treated steel. This tool can dish out a wallop and keep your operation in full swing while your on the job. Additionally, there are (2) strong 15lb magnets securely embedded into the head and handle, making it easy to pick up small nails, nuts and bolts and black sand while gold panning or prepping your working field deposit.

For gold panning specifically, the stainless steel pick axe is an essential tool to have in your arsenal of gold prospecting equipment and gold panning kits. It will help ease classifying your material through your rock and soil screens. When in the field, prepping your prospecting area and gathering a working mineral deposit, you’ll want to reach for the efficient ASR Outdoor pickaxe to help with breaking down matted soil or gravel, saving you time and energy.

And, when not in use, the pickaxe or mattock tool can fit in the included black nylon storage bag with closure to keep all the pieces together in one place; the exterior of the storage pouch features a belt loop so it can easily be attached to a backpack, gold prospecting equipment or other gear.


GOLD MINING PICKAXE - Overall length: 18.75”; Collapsed length: 10”MAGNETIC PICK AXE HEAD - Embedded in the head and handle of this gold prospecting tool is two, strong 15lbs that will pick up iron targets while you are digging, saving you valuable time
QUALITY GOLD MINING EQUIPMENT - Well balanced for lightweight portability the body is made from aluminum while the head is made from hardened stainless steel for your toughest jobsEASY GRIP - Knurled aluminum handle for a secure grip; Easy-to-spot silver body
FOUR PARTS - Separates into 4 parts that fit snugly into the nylon canvas case with belt loop

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WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.p65warnings.ca.gov


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