22pc ASR Outdoor Ultimate Gold Prospecting Kit

Complete Beginners Gold Prospecting Kit
Complete Beginners Gold Prospecting Kit
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The 23pc ASR Outdoor Gold Prospecting Set is perfect for beginners and kids new to the hobby!

The 23pc ASR Outdoor Gold Prospecting Set is perfect for beginners and kids new to the hobby!

This set comes with essential tools for getting a new gold prospector started. We've included a 1/8" classifier sifting screen (one of the most used sizes) that will fit on top of a 5 gallon bucket. The 14" and 10" gold pans are also great for sifting, as the dark green color will help you identify gold nuggets.

To help you start sifting, we've included a durable plastic trowel and a 32oz rock pick hammer for tough rocks. The item with the red handle is a magnetic pick up tool that will assist you in getting all of the nuggets out of the dirt.

Additionally we've added 10 gold dust collection vials (5 large and 5 small) so you can collect and store your findings. The two snifter bottles will all you to pick up small nuggets or wash them off with precision.

We've also added a tweezer with a magnifying glass and a scratch testing stone that will decipher whether what you've found is a precious metal or not. The graphite crucible is included for melting your metal down if you wish to reform it!

Lastly we added a micro LED light that will help you view smaller nuggets and other gems you may find in less than ideal light. All in all, this set is great for those just starting out, or for intermediate users to add to their gold panning tool collection!

PLEASE NOTE: The 14" and 10" green sifting pans are also available in black and navy blue. If you'd prefer one of these colors, please send us a message and we will try to accommodate you. Additionally, we have the following classifier screen sizes available if you would like to exchange one for the 1/8" pan. Please message us for availability.


Sifting Screen, 14" and 10" Gold Pans 32oz Rock Pick Hammer for Tough Rocks
10 Gold Collection Vials for Storing Gems Magnetic Separator Pick Up Tool
Graphite Crucible for Melting Precious Metals


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(1) 1/8" Classifier Sifting Screen
(1) 14" Sifting Pan
(1) 10" Sifting Pan
(1) Rock Pick Hammer
(1) Testing Stone
(2) 3oz Snifter Bottles
(1) Tweezer with Magnifier
(1) Heavy Duty Trowel
(1) Micro LED Flashlight
(5) Small Gold Dust Vials
(5) Large Gold Dust Vials
(1) 2.5" x 5" Graphite Crucible
(1) Magnetic Separator Tool
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