Gear Aid Instant Waterproofing Spray

Gear Aid Instant Waterproofing Spray
Gear Aid Instant Waterproofing Spray
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Searching for an eco-friendly, longer lasting, DWR restoring water repellent? Look no further!

Revivex Instant Water Repellent is a multipurpose formula that instantly creates a water, oil and stain repellent surface on all types of outerwear, footwear and gear. Plus, it restores DWR to items that have lost their ability to repel water. Need to waterproof a tent? Just spray the item until saturated and allow it to air dry. Safe for leather, GORE-TEX, eVent and other breathable and non-breathable fabrics. Perfect for restoring water repellency to synthetic insulated garments, skiwear, gloves, boots, hats, waders, backpacks?you name it.


Convenient, all-purpose waterproofing for all footwear, outerwear and gearNon silicone formula safe for all fabrics, including leather and GORE-TEX fabric
Creates instant water, oil,and stain repellency with a clear, non sticky finishNo CFCs or PFOAs
Made in USA


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