SilNet Silicone Tent Seam Heavy Duty Waterproof Sealer 1.5oz

SilNet Silicone Tent Seam Heavy Duty Waterproof Sealer 1.5oz
SilNet Silicone Tent Seam Heavy Duty Waterproof Sealer 1.5oz
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Officially Licensed McNett Gear Aid Product
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No one wants to sleep in a puddle. But if you own a silnylon tent, you could end up in one-if you don't treat the seams first. That's because ultralight silnylon tents aren't typically sealed at the factory.

Seam Grip SIL is specially formulated for sealing seams on tents and other products constructed or coated with silicone waterproofing. Previously known as SIL Net, this clear sealant dries to a flexible rubber that bonds on all silicone-treated gear including ultralight tents and backpacks. One tube can seal most two-person tents. For faster repair options, choose the Kit, which includes the Seam Grip SIL adhesive with two Tenacious Tape Silnylon Patches. These peel-and-stick patches are also backed by a silicone-based adhesive, so you can patch holes and go. Remember: only silicone will adhere to silicone. Seal out the weather properly with Seam Grip SIL and/or Tenacious Tape Silnylon Patches.


Seal up to 24 ft of seams with 1.5 oz of Seam Grip SIL, a durable, clear silicone sealant that bonds permanently to silicone-treated (silynylon) tents, backpacks and gearCreates a long-lasting, waterproof and flexible seal that won’t peel or crack over time; not affected by extreme heat or cold
Also ideal for applying on silnylon tarps, shelters, and rainwear to keep water out (previously known as SIL Net)Choose the Sealant and Patches Kit, which includes two peel-and-stick Tenacious Tape Silnylon Patches (3”x5”); the only patch that sticks to silicone and repair holes in silicon-treated fabrics
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