ReviveX Waterproofing Spray On Water Repellant 8oz

8oz Revivex Soak 1
8oz Revivex Soak 1
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Searching for an eco-friendly, longer lasting, DWR restoring water repellent? Look no further!

If you've been searching for an eco-friendly, long lasting, DWR-restoring water repellent, look no further! The Revivex Waterproofing Soak will even work on duck cloth and fleece, and with just treatment your gear will repel water all season long.

The Revivex Waterproofing Soak features a highly concentrated formula with double the applications as other wash-in treatments. Simply pre-wash your gear with the Revivex Synthetic Fabric Cleaner, add one ounce of Waterproofing Soak to your sink or washing machine and tumble dry. This will add a protective layer to fight the elements without impacting breathability.

Revivex Waterproofing Soak will allow you to extend the life of your favorite fleece, workwear, rain gear and other garments. Additionally it's flourine free and guaranteed to perform.

Who says you need to sacrifice performance for sustainability? Not McNett!


Eco-friendly, fluorine free water repellent Create or restore DWR on any jackets, pants, jeans, hoodies, gloves or hat
Adds water repellency to synthetic, natural and waterproof-breathable fabrics, including GORE-TEX Best when used with ReviveX Synthetic Fabric Cleaner
Soak directions allow for most concentrated application Concentrated water repellent treats twice as many garments as other formulas
Long lasting formula restores water repellency all season long Guaranteed to perform


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