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Don't let a wetsuit rip interrupting your plans Fix it fast with Seal Cement by . Wetsuit or drysuit repairs flex like new with this highly elastic neoprene cement. Add pockets to wetsuits, seal gaskets or repair fishing waders and rubber boots too.

Aquaseal Neo Contact Cement keeps neoprene repairs fast and simple. This flexible liquid adhesive, cures within 30 minutes and bonds permanently to stretchy fabrics including neoprene, latex as well as other coated materials. Use it to repair all kinds of gear including waterproof waders, gloves, booties, and spray skirts. It can also tackle leaky gaskets. For that unexpected waterside repair, bring Aquaseal Neo along to your next adventure.


Repair torn or ripped neoprene wetsuits and waders permanently within 30 minutes using this contact cement, which cures to a black, flexible rubberUse either the 1.5 fl oz tube or 4 fl oz can to fix all types of elastic fabric including latex; also bonds to coated materials
Apply on high-wear areas including knees and elbows for a long-lasting repair that stretches; ideal for repairing drysuits, gloves, booties and spray skirtsMake water-tight seal on a leaky gasket at home or in the field with a liquid adhesive that resists scratches
Packaging may varyNOTE: Seal Cement Clear is clear, but cures with an amber tint in color


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