Gear Aid Seam Sure Repair Adhesive Seam Sealer

Gear Aid Seam Sure Repair Adhesive Seam Sealer
Gear Aid Seam Sure Repair Adhesive Seam Sealer
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In rainy weather, tent seams are notorious for leaking. But not when they're coated with Seam Sure by Gear Aid. Seam Sure is a water-based seam sealer that is perfect for waterproofing large family-sized tents and pop-ups.

Seam Grip FC is a fast-curing, water-based seam sealant. Previously known as Seam Sure, one (2 fl oz) bottle of this liquid sealer covers up to 60 ft of seams – making it perfect for family-sized tents, rainflies, tarps and pop-ups made of nylon, vinyl and more. Just apply a thin film to the inside seams and allow to dry. Don’t let rain make you miserable on your next outdoor adventure. Seal out the weather by waterproofing your tent and rainfly with Seam Grip FC and stop leaks before they happen.


Seal up to 60 ft of seams on tents, tarps and awnings with this water-based seam sealant; cures in 2 hours at room temperatureUse it on various outdoor fabrics including nylon, polyester, and canvas; previously known as Seam Sure
Apply this long-lasting seal that is nearly invisible and flexes with fabric; available in 2 fl oz bottleTreat gear using the included applicator brush to make application quick and easy
Packaging may varyNearly invisible non-gloss finish
Perfect for family-sized tentsSize: 2oz
Made in USA


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