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Keep your outdoor gear clean after a long outing with Gear Aid's Revivex Pro Cleaner.

Keep your performance wear, sleeping bags, footwear, and more clean after a long outing with Gear Aid's Revivex Pro Cleaner. This tough on dirt cleaner restores breathability, water repellency and warmth. This high-tech synthetic fabric wash is designed to clean technical fabrics safely, without leaving behind residues or affecting water repellency. Keep your skiwear, rainwear and waterproof-breathable garments free of dirt and oils, which typically impact fabric performance.

This cleaner is ideal for wool, silk, synthetic insulation, and GORE-TEX fabrics.

Pro Cleaner is free of fragrances, softeners, and optical brighteners.


Concentrated - one pouch cleans up to 20 jackets or 5 sleeping bagsBiodegradable - water-based, gentle Formula
Fragrance-free - no added fragrances, softeners or optical brightenersMaximizes breathability - enhances performance of waterproof-breathable garments
Multipurpose - refresh high-tech outerwear safely including event and Gore-Tex fabricsSize: 10oz.


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