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You rely on the strength and integrity of your hip belt buckle on your backpack to help you go the distance. Hip Belts distribute the weight of your pack to your hips, making backpacking a much more endurable experience for all your adventures.

Part of GEAR AID’s complete line of replacement parts, the Dual Adjust Buckle is a no-sew solution to fix gear. Use it to quickly replace broken or missing side release buckles on backpacks and more. Made with durable plastic materials, it’s a replacement part that comes in five sizes to fit almost any strap. Lightweight and easy to snap on, the Dual Adjust Buckle is an essential part of any gear repair kit.


Replace missing or broken dual adjust buckles without sewing by simply snapping it into placeMake tension adjustments on either side of the buckle quickly; available in five sizes: 5/8", 3/4”, 1”, 1.5”, and 2”
Use this side release, dual adjust buckle on backpacks and other types of gear; made of durable plasticPackaging may vary
Quanity: 6 per packColor: Black
Material: High Impact ABS PlasticNo Pinch Design


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