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Freesole by Gear Aid is different from other shoe repair glues. Use it to waterproof boots, rebuild toe caps, repair soles or replace worn-down heels. This patented shoe adhesive provides permanent repairs that outlast whatever abuse you dish out.

Fix footwear permanently with Aquaseal SR, a shoe and boot repair glue that dries as a strong rubber and lasts for years. Previously known as Freesole, this durable adhesive can be used to create durable toe protectors, re-build worn out heels, and save soles from delamination. The tough formula is unaffected by heat or cold, so your shoe repair will withstand the elements at a jobsite, athletic field or mountaintop. From rubber and leather boots to tennis shoes and everything in between, repair your footwear with Aquaseal SR.


Make long-lasting repairs and seal leaks on hiking boots, running or climbing shoes and even cleats; available in single 1 oz tube or multipacksUse this durable urethane adhesive (formerly Freesole) that permanently bond to soles and heels; dries as a clear and flexible rubber that won’t peel or crack overtime
Create toe protectors on work boots or re-build worn heels with this shoe glue that is abrasion resistant and waterproofApply to all types of footwear including leather, suede, rubber, neoprene, canvas, and GORE-TEX® boots and shoes
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