McNett Gear Aid Freesole Shoe Black Colorant Kit

McNett Gear Aid Freesole Shoe Black Colorant Repair Kit
McNett Gear Aid Freesole Shoe Black Colorant Repair Kit
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Repair any black shoes with the Gear Aid Freesole Black Colorant Kit. Each kit comes with a 1oz tube of black colorant that will make permanent repairs.

No matter who tries to destroy their shoes first, Gear Aid's Freesole can help you repair them even faster. Shoe soles coming apart? Freesole can fix it. Boot heel wearing down? Freesole's got you covered. Cleats need a little shoe glue? Use Freesole once and they're good for the long haul.

Gear Aid's Freesole is different from other shoe repair glues. Our patented, urethane formula is made from the same material as your shoe soles—for permanent repairs that outlast whatever abuse you can dish out. Freesole is flexible and waterproof.

It's wear-resistant and unaffected by solvents. So it's perfect for reattaching soles, rebuilding toecaps or even restoring shoe heels to like-new condition. Freesole works on hiking boots, sports cleats, kids' shoes, climbing and running shoes— just about every shoe in your closet.

Don't replace expensive shoes with separating soles or worn-down heels. Repair them fast with Gear Aid's easy to use Freesole.


Permanently reattaches soles and repairs rands, toe caps and worn shoes Cures to a flexible thermoset rubber product providing superior adhesion, wear resistance, flexibility and waterproofing
Ideal for worn heels, toes, sole and ski delaminations and more Safe for use on all types of footwear including boots, athletic shoes, climbing shoes and more.


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