6pk Gear Aid Dual Adjust Buckle Kits

6 Pack McNett Plastic Quick Release Side Buckle Kit 3/4 Inch
6 Pack McNett Plastic Quick Release Side Buckle Kit 3/4 Inch
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Repair back packs, gear and more with the Quick Side-Release Buckle Kit by Gear Aid. A no-sew replacement for standard plastic side-release buckles. All buckles in this pack are 3/4inch, and include a tri-glide piece.

Do you have a favorite backpack or piece of luggage that you love and cherish? But has been sidelined because of a broken buckle?

Bring your bags back to life and replace your broken buckles with Gear Aid Side Release Buckle Kit 3/4" kit. Great for repairing and upgrading your existing Quick Release Side Buckles, the Snap Bar Repair Buckle is the fastest and easiest way to get that beloved gear bag back in action better than ever.

Each Side Release Buckle is comes individually packaged with a replacement buckle and tri glide attachment. Manufactured with high grade polymer plastic made to outlast any cheap substitute. These quality side release buckles are available in a 6 pack.


No sew plsatic buckle replacement kit Includes quick side-release buckle and tri-glide pieces
Upgrade or replace for used standard side release buckles Used on most back packs, fanny packs, hiking backpacks
Manufactured with high-quality materials Size: 3/4"


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(6) 3/4" Dual-Adjust Buckles
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