6 Pack Power Cord Locks Clip for Bungee Rope and Jackets 3/16inch

Cord Lock Replacement Toggle Bungee Clip Stopper
Cord Lock Replacement Toggle Bungee Clip Stopper
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Product Description

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McNett Cord Lock and Clips are strong and guarantee safety and security when using a bungee cord for climbing and fastening. These clips can also be used on clothing, and will fit a standard 4mm size cord.

When cord locks break, you lose the functionality and fit of your beloved winter coat and take a major loss of style points. Be sure to upgrade your winter coat clips before the cold comes in this winter!

Keep the fit of your favorite jacket with Cord Lock Clip Replacement Toggles by McNett. Use on winter coats, sleeping bags, shoes, bungee cords, or anything that you need to synch down.

Fits up to 4mm cord. McNett Cord Lock Replacement Toggles are highly durable and will outlast any factory supplied cord lock. Replacement toggles are manufactured with high quality materials and feature push action functionality.


Replacement Cord Locks Ideal for Jackets, Sleeping Bags, Winter Coats, Bungee cord and any other gear.
Fits any 4mm Cord Manufactured with High Quality Materials
Made in USA


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6 Cord Locks
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