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Officially Licensed McNett Gear Aid Product
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Keep all of your favorite waders and outdoor gear in with the Aquaseal! It easily repair rips and tears in your favorite waders and outdoor gear.

Repair ripped or torn waders, wetsuits, inflatables, boots and all your outdoor gear with Aquaseal FD. It’s a flexible, durable adhesive that’s waterproof and bonds to all types of outdoor fabrics. This clear, rubber glue cures in 8-12 hours and is ideal for fixing pinhole leaks and tears on watersports and fishing gear. As a multipurpose fabric repair adhesive that’s waterproof, it keeps you dry and offers excellent abrasion resistance to keep gear protected from scrapes and scratches. When you rip your waders or tear your wetsuit, fix it with Aquaseal FD.


Fix rips and tears permanently on waders, wetsuits, PVC inflatables, muck boots, and more with this waterproof and flexible adhesiveUse it as a fabric and vinyl repair adhesive to patch holes and seal leaks; cures in 8-12 hours to a flexible urethane rubber (available in 0.75 oz or 8 oz tube)
Apply this clear glue to neoprene, nylon, canvas, leather, rubber, and GORE-TEX® fabric; creates a water-tight seal that won’t peel or crack over timeResist abrasions and scratches with a repair that is unaffected by extreme temperatures
Packaging may varyWashable and unaffected by extreme heat or cold
Dries ClearMoisture cured
Tube Color: White


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(1) 8oz Tube of Aquaseal Adhesive for Gear Repair
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