Productive Fitness Poster Series Elliptical Machine Conditioning Chart

Productive Fitness Poster Series Elliptical Machine Exercises
Productive Fitness Poster Series Elliptical Machine Exercises
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Product Description

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Work out for optimum results with the Productive Fitness Elliptical Poster!

Whether you are a complete Elliptical novice or an experienced user, this poster will ensure each run, walk or jog is successful and safe.

Bullet points highlight the important aspects of proper posture, safety and the use of Elliptical components. If you're a complete beginner you'll learn the best way to safely get started.

The chart describes how to set up your workout, what muscles are being used (displayed in a colorful muscle anatomy drawing), how to select the correct heart range based on your fitness goals, and a series of safety points.

This poster is the perfect guide to have mounted next to the elliptical for both motivation and explanation. It is laminated and measures 24" x 36"


Dimensions: 24" x 36" Laminated
Written & Designed by Fitness Experts Intended to Teach Proper Exercise Technique & Form
Detailed w/ Easy To Follow Step by Step Instructions


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