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This 1000pc cable tie set comes with different sizes and colors for the ultimate organization kit.

This 1000pc cable tie set includes a variety of different lengths, strengths and colors; ideal for multiple applications. Assorted in this kit are different size and color ties for the ultimate organization and fix-it kit. Keep cords together or be prepared for any emergency. This bundle has exactly what you need.

This set comes with a container for easy storage and a handle for easy portability. The container comes with a label describing each cable tie bundle and what specifications each have.


Storage Case with Portable HandleLegend Key with Cable Specifications
Multiple Lengths and Colors20lb and 40lb Tensile Strength Ties
(6) Bundles of 4"(4) Bundles of 6"
(2) Bundles of 8"(2) Bundles of 12"


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(1000) Cable Ties
(1) Storage Container
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