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Officially Licensed McNett Gear Aid Product
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Replace missing or broken tri-glides on packs and gear with the Tri-Glide Set by Gear Aid.

Part of GEAR AID’s complete line of replacement parts, these Tri-Glides offer a no-sew option to fix gear. Use it to quickly lengthen or shorten straps and webbing on backpacks and more. Made with durable plastic materials, it’s a replacement part that secures buckles on webbing and prevents loose straps. With two sizes available that fit 1” and 1.5” webbing, a pair of these Tri-Glides are an essential part of any gear repair kit.


Replace missing or broken tri-glides on backpacks and other gear without sewingLengthen or shorten straps and webbing with ease; available in two sizes that fit 1” or 1.5” webbing
Attach to gear to ensure buckle stays on webbing, eliminate loose straps, and add usability; made of durable plasticSlide quickly in place to allow for immediate strap adjustment; add a pair of tri-glides to every repair kit
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