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Officially Licensed McNett Gear Aid Product
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Zipper Pulls by Gear Aid offer you reliable replacements to broken or missing zipper pulls. Go ultra-strong for backpacks and gear with the Ergo Zipper Pulls, or simple for garments with the Fabric Zipper Pulls.

Part of GEAR AID’s complete line of replacement parts, these Zipper Pulls are a no-sew solution to zipper failures. Use it to easily replace broken or missing zipper pulls on virtually any slider. With a pull strength of up to 60 lbs, these ergonomically designed zipper pulls are made to last. Always keep a pair of Zipper Pulls in your pack and keep zippers working smoothly.


Replace missing or broken zipper pulls to any slider instantly without sewingPull up to 60 lbs of non-weight/load bearing weight with this durable replacement zipper part
Pack a set of two molded zipper pulls as an essential part of a gear repair kitPackaging may vary
INCLUDES 2 PULLS - Each Set Comes with 2 Zipper Pull Replacements for Your Trusty Outdoor Gear


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