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Officially Licensed McNett Gear Aid Product
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Zipper Pulls by Gear Aid offer you reliable replacements to broken or missing zipper pulls. Go ultra-strong for backpacks and gear with the Ergo Zipper Pulls, or simple for garments with the Fabric Zipper Pulls.

When your zipper pull snaps, replace it with one you can count on. Ergonomically designed, the Ergo Zipper Pulls by Gear Aid&reg are comfortable and reliable.

You'll have up to 80lbs of pulling strength so you'll never break it again. Don't need the pulling strength? The Fabric Zipper Pulls are just as effective. Simply wrap it around any jacket zipper, pull and then get outside!


INSTANT AND FAST REPLACEMENTS - Easily Install Zipper Pulls to Any Slider and You're Good to GoDURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Made of Non-weight Load Bearing High-Quality Molded Plastic
MEGA PULL STRENGTH - Offers 60 Pounds of Pulling Strength | Ideal for Campers, Hikers and BackpackersERGONOMIC DESIGN - Reliable Zipper Pulls Won't Interfere with Comfort
INCLUDES 2 PULLS - Each Set Comes with 2 Zipper Pull Replacements for Your Trusty Outdoor Gear


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