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Natrapel 8 Hour 5 oz. Continuous Spray

Natrapel 8 Hour 5 oz. Continuous Spray

It's about time - a DEET-free insect repellent that really works! Natrapel 8-hour provides 8+ hours of protection from biting insects and ticks, thanks to its CDC-recommended 20% Picaridin formula. Unlike ineffective DEET alternatives, Picaridin is the only formula that consistently shows equal or better performance than DEET in independent, clinical tests. Even better, Natrapel 8-hour is completely safe on gear and will not melt jackets, fishing line, and other synthetic materials. 5 oz continuous spray bottle provides effortless, even application.

Size: 5 oz


CDC-Recommended Formula: 20% Picaridin is the recommended concentration to guard against diseases transmitted by insects Easy to Apply/Easy on the Air: Eco-Spray can delivers even, continuous spray without releasing harmful aerosols
Safe on Your Gear: DEET-Free formula won't melt jackets, fishing line, and other plastics Lasts All Day: Enjoy 8-plus hours of insect protection


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