Hand Warmers with 8 Hour Protection - Super 50 Pack

Hand Warmers with 8 Hour Protection - Super 50 Pack
Hand Warmers with 8 Hour Protection - Super 50 Pack
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Don't be caught cold-handed! Be ready to cozy up any situation with these easy-to-use hand warmers.

These little packages of hand warmers are great for camping, hiking, sports events, winter car rides, hunting, fishing, and more! These hand warmers are odorless, environmentally safe, and non-toxic.

Easily activated by air, all you need to do is open the package and give the hand warmer a little shake. Within minutes you will have a warm little pillow of coziness just waiting to heat up your hands, feet, or body. This product comes in a super 50 pack so you won't run out of hand warmers this winter.

Make sure to have these mini heat pads on-hand during the cold winter months!


Hand Warmers Heat Pads for Outdoor Activities like Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Skiing and Snowboardin in Super 50 PackOdorless, Non-Toxic, and Environmentally Safe
Air ActivatedWorking Temperature: 124 - 155?F
Up to 8 Hours of Gentle HeatHand Warmer Dimensions: 3?" x 2?"
Color: Orange


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(50) Hand Warmers
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