ASR Outdoor Complete Camp Ground Cooking Kit

ASR Outdoor Complete Camp Ground Cooking KitCollapsible Food Storage ContainerUV Bug Zapper 500 Foot RangeASR Outdoor 10 L Dry SackPlastic Travel Water Flask
ASR Outdoor Complete Camp Ground Cooking Kit
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Product Description

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Prep and create tasty meals with the ASR Outdoor Camp Ground Cooking Kit!

Prep and create tasty meals with the ASR Outdoor Camp Ground Cooking Kit!

This kit comes with everything you'll need to keep your camp ground organized. Inside the 10 liter dry sack we've included 2 collapsible BPA free food storage containers with utensils, a 4 piece grill toaster, a super bright lantern and 2 telescoping BBQ forks.

Additionally we've added a 500 ft range UV bug zapper to keep your camp ground free of pests. You'll also find a 7" full tang knife that comes with a sheath and a magnesium fire starter as well as 2 cutting boards and 2 BBQ mats. Lastly we included 2 reusable .5 liter plastic water flasks to make sure you stay hydrated.

Make sure to grab this camp ground cooking kit before your next family camping trip!


10 L Dry Sack: Terylene Material, Water Resistant, 16" x 9" BPA Free Plastic Food Containers: 7" x 5" x 1", Collapsible, Snap in Utensils
Open Fire Camping Toaster: 12" x 12" x 1", Holds 4 Slices 1 Watt Collapsible Lantern: Emergency Flasher & Nightlight Settings
UV Bug Zapper: 500ft Range, Runs Up to 40 Hours, Rechargeable Battery Telescoping BBQ Forks: Extends to 36", Stainless Steel Body
7" Full Tang Knife: Paracord Wrapped Handle, Comes w/ Fire Starter & Sheath Flexible Cutting Boards: 12" x 15", Hygienic & Easy to Clean
BBQ Grill Mats: 13" x 15.75", Non Stick Surface PTFE Fiberglass Coated .5L Water Flasks: BPA Free, 5" x 8.5" x 3", Abrasion Resistant


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(2) BBQ Grill Mats
(1) Open Fire Camping Toaster
(2) .5L Water Flasks
(2) Collapsible Food Storage Containers w/ Utensils
(10 Cordless Rechargeable 500ft Range UV Bug Zapper
(1) Collapsible 1 Watt Lantern
(2) Flexible Cutting Boards
(2) Telescoping BBQ Forks
(1) 10L Dry Sack
(1) 7" Hunting Knife w/ Magnesium Fire Starter & Sheath
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