Universal Portable Handheld Electric Bug Zapper Racket (2 Pack)

Zika Zapper Insect Bug Racket Protection (2 Pack)
Zika Zapper Insect Bug Racket Protection (2 Pack)
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Officially Licensed ASR Outdoor Product
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Not only perfect for camping and outdoor usage, but great for at home on the patio. As the Zika Virus becomes more prevalent and starts spreading to the United States and through other nations, it is vital to have a way to protect your home and family against the harmful Zika Virus that is being spread through mosquitoes.

This highly portable lightweight zapper is great for the home, office, park, camping, sporting events and more. Simply hold the On/Activation button and swing the racket in the direction of any insect. Once the Bug Zapper makes contact with the insect, it emits a small spark which kills the bug.

No more worrying about smelly candles or lights! Take matters into your own hands when it comes to bug defense!

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On/Off Push Button Activation Large Active Zapper Surface Area
Makes Bug Swatting Fun Green LED Indicator Light
Lightweight: 12oz Requires (2)AA Batteries
Colors Ship at Random


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(2) Electric Bug Zapper
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