Space Enforcer Toy Gun With Vibrant Spinning Lights and Sound - Silver

Toy Space Gun with lights lasers and soundToy Space Gun with lights lasers and soundFlashing lights and fast paced super sonic sound effectsSpace themed intergalactic police enforcer boys and girls toy gunToy Space Gun with lights lasers and sound
Toy Space Gun with lights lasers and sound
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Product Description

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This vibrant toy gun is the perfect gift for your child to explore their creativity and and engage in pretend play! With flashing lights, sound features, and a cool space theme, kids and boys will be entertained while playing indoors or outside.

Let your kids explore uncharted territory and keep the peace among the community with these awesome Futuristic Space Enforce Laser Blaster with flashing lights and sound! Featuring an array of flashing colors and sound effects, your child will be able to get creative and imagine themselves in other worlds.

The toy Laser Blaster is exciting and brightly colored which shouts play with me! The space blaster has an detachable magazine that rotates and flashes bright, multicolored LED lights, giving the toy blaster the ultimate cool factor. The sound effects make for realistic component to get your child's creativity flowing.

These toy space laser blasters will be the life of the party when kids are playing with friends and the perfect creative outlet when they are playing by themselves. Give your child this awesome toy they can venture for hours of occupied play time wherever their mind takes them!


Space themed intergalactic enforcer laser blaster toy for boys and girls Flashing lights and fast paced super sonic sound effects
Detachable spinning high capacity attachment Style: Blue and silver color with orange safety accents
Ideal gift for the holiday season


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