Remote Control Toy RC Race Car For Kids and Boys - Red

Speedy remote control red Indy race car for kids and boys Speedy remote control red race car for kids and boys Sleek and fast Formula 1 RC Race Car for indoor and outdoor playFormula 1 Indy Race Car Toy RC CarSpeedy remote control red race car for kids and boys
Speedy remote control red Indy race car for kids and boys
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This race car is the ultimate gift for any child. The sleek of the car look will give them confidence while also helping them develop an appreciation for practicing and focusing. A remote controlled car will guarantee a smile from your child!

Toy cars are fun but race cars with remote controls go the extra mile! Your child will have hours of endless fun with this speedy Formula One inspired Toy RC car, making all their friends wish they had one for themselves. With a cool remote controlled car like this, your child's face will light up when they start playing with this!

This sleek race car has a bold red paint job with black and yellow designs. The remote control is black with red controls, matching the car perfectly. The car itself is about 17 inches long.

The fierce look of this race car will give your child confidence and entertainment while playing alone or with friends. It is also a convenient size so they can transport the car to all their favorite racing locations. Give your child an awesome gift that they'll remember!


Formula One Fun Race Theme for Kids Controls: Left, Right and Forward, Reverse Steering
Dimensions: 17" Scale: 1:18
Sleek and Fast For Indoor and Outdoor Play Ideal Gift for Kids and Toy Car Collectors


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