31pc Diecast Pretend Play Cars And Vehicle Action Figure Set

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Product Description

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Zoom around a pretend city with the 31pc Die Cast City Vehicle Play Set!

The 31pc Die Cast City Vehicle Play Set is a great addition to any kids toy car collection. This set comes with all the things a kid needs to roam around a pretend city: emergency vehicles, race cars, construction trucks and even traffic cones!

Each set also comes with a 21 x 26 inch city map, so kids can place the vehicles around town! Featured on the map are buildings including a school, police station, fire station, bus station, shop and hospital!

This is a great gift idea for young kids and toy vehicle collectors alike.


Dimensions of City Map: 21 x 26 inch | 54.61cm x 66.04cm Fun City Themed Toy Cars & Traffic Equipment
Durable Die Cast & Plastic Great Gift Idea for Kids & Toy Car Collectors


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(1) TNT Truck
(1) Water Service Truck
(2) Motorcycles
(1) Police Jeep
(1) Fire Truck
(1) Tow Truck
(9) Cars
(4) Race Cars
(2) Helicopters
(1) Tank
(1) Construction Truck
(4) Traffic Cones
(1) Traffic Barrier
(1) School Bus
(1) City Map
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