Cosmic Rover Kids Ride On Cars

Cosmic Rover SX-118 12V Kids Battery Powered Ride On Car in Red
Cosmic Rover SX-118 12V Kids Battery Powered Ride On Car in Red
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Vroom! Let's go for a ride! Your child will be turning heads in this red Cosmic Rover SX-118 12V.

Get ready to watch your child have a blast zooming around in this Cosmic Rover SX-118 12V Battery Powered Ride On Car! With amazing features and a sleek look, kids will never forget this one of a kind childhood toy.

The Cosmic Rover SX-118 12V comes with an electronic and self positioning steering wheel, high speed and low speed gear selection, two openable doors, wheels with LED flashing lights, and a new touch screen LCD with a SD card. The seat cushion can also be adjusted back and front and the car comes with a 5 point safety belt for extra safety. Parents can control the car with the remote control if kids are not able to independently operate it. Please do not charge battery for more than 4 hours.

Ride on cars of this caliber do not come around often. Do not miss out on getting your child one of the best gifts of their life!


Cosmic Rover SX-118 12V Ride On Car in Red Recommended for Children 2-5 Years of Age
Electronic and Self Positioning Steering Wheel, High and Low Speed Gear Selection, Two Openable Doors, Wheels with LED Flashing Lights, and a New Touch Screen LCD with a SD Card Seat Cushion Adjustable Back and Front and 5 Point Safety Belt
Remote Control Access Dimensions: 51" x 26" x 16"
Great Gift for All Children!


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