Smiley Poop Emoji Self Expression Hand Puppet Brown

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This fun Smiley Poop Emoji Hand Puppet is the perfect toy for entertainment and educational development!

These Educational Kids Plush Hand Puppets are a great learning tool for self expression and communication. The pretend play stimulation can serve as wonderful entertainment while children are able to act out and simulate important everyday conversations and actions.

Encourage your child to prepare for various situations that they will encounter in everyday life with these Hand Puppets. They can act out what they would do in various scenarios to enhance their manners, ability to stand up for themselves and others, or capacity to have normal everyday interactions. While much learning can take place with these Hand Puppet Figures, they are also super fun and entertaining toys. Children can make up skits and engage in enjoyable pretend play, taking them wherever the imaginations wander. The mixture of creativity and developmental skills that these puppets provide will leave both parents and children happy.

Kids will love getting to play with the puppet that suits them best while having fun and gaining educational experience.


Soft Plush Emoji Character | Great Detail and Craftsmanship Long Knitting Hand Cover | Surface-washable
Ideal for Encouraging Imaginative Play Strong ad Durable Reinforced Stitching
PLEASE NOTE: Mouth does not Open or Close


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