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Officially Licensed Nickelodeon Product
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This Paw Patrol Lunch Kit has so many cool gifts wrapped into one! With an awesome lunch bag and utensils your child will be completely prepared for snacking and lunchtime.

The Paw Patrol Lunch Box Bundle offers a Paw Patrol characters lunch bag and forks and spoons. There will minimal messes with the lunch pouch and utensils and your child will have the best lunch accessories at school!

This awesome Paw Patrol bundle comes with a red lunch bag featuring several Paw Patrol characters in active stances. This bundle also comes with 2 forks and 2 spoons that are red and blue. Your child will love their Paw Patrol themed lunch box bag and snacking accessories.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to get several gifts for your child all packed into one! They are guaranteed to love their Paw Patrol bundle lunch set.


Paw Patrol Lunch Kit Bundle Awesome Red Lunch Bag with Paw Patrol's Chase, Zuma, Rubble, Marshall, and Rocky Characters
Red and Blue 2 Fork and 2 Spoons Set Guarantees Minimal Messes
Great for Christmas Gifts and Presents Ideal for Kids and Boys


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