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Vroom! Let's go for a ride! Your child will be turning heads in this blue Big Four Wheeler ATV.

Get ready to watch your child have a blast zooming around in this four wheeler Battery Powered Ride On Car! With amazing features and a sleek look, kids will never forget this one of a kind childhood toy. With the remote control, parents can control the car or your child can control by foot pedal and steering wheels.

Ideal for children ages 2-6 years to drive around and equally enjoyable for parents to use the remote control to drive their children around. As an additional safety feature the remote control can take over driving at anytime to prevent your child from driving the wrong way.

Ride on cars of this caliber do not come around often. Do not miss out on getting your child one of the best gifts of their life!


Four Wheeler ATV Blue Recommended for Children 2-6 Years of Age
Forward and Reverse Remote Control Access
Dimensions: 41" x 26" x 20" Great Gift for All Children!


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(1) Off Road Style Big Four Wheeler Ride On ATV - Blue

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