Batman The Dark Knight Rises Riot Cannon Apptivity Interactive Stylus For iPad

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Save Gotham City from villains with the Batman "Riot Cannon" Apptivity Interactive Stylus!

The Batman "Riot Cannon" Apptivity Interactive Stylus is a cool accessory for your iPad tablet. This stylus interacts with your touchscreen - in true Batman form! Each Batman stylus features a collectible "Riot Cannon" Batman figure, and will allow you to patrol Gotham City with the free downloadable app!

Each figure is constructed with active touch anti-scratch technology to protect your screen's surface. Just download the app, place the figure on the screen and play the app game with your own Batman!

Riot Cannon Batman has a special power - he can launch grenades that stun multiple enemies! The app has 2 ways to play - story mode and quick play challenge!

This is a great gift idea for kids and The Dark Knight Rises fanatics alike!


Riot Cannon Batman - Gold Armor Compatible w/ iPad & Free App for iPad
Play Right on Your Tablet's Surface Active Touch Anti-Scratch Technology
Save Gotham City from Villains! 2 Ways to Play: Story Mode & Quick Play Challenge
Great Gift Idea for Kids & Batman Dark Knight Rises Fans


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