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The Trolls Movie Mini Hand Sanitizer 4 pack comes with apple, grape, blueberry, and vanilla scents. These adorable hand sanitizers will make your child want to have clean hands all the time.

The fun and adorable Dreamworks Trolls Mini Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial 4 Pack will make your children excited about having clean hands. This hand sanitizer has an antibacterial ingredient to help reduce risk of diseases.

This set comes with 4 1oz. bottles of hand sanitizer each with a different delicious scent, including apple, blueberry, grape, and vanilla.

Also included is a handy sanitizer bottle holder with an adjustable leash strap for convenient storage and quick access. The holder features the Trolls movie' main character Poppy and comes in a bright and sparkly pink.

Bring the happiness of the Trolls movie home with you with this Officially Licensed Dreamworks Hand Sanitizer 4pk Set.


Officially Licensed Dreamworks Trolls Graphics Reduces Bacteria on Skin that Could Cause Diseases
Hand Sanitizer Bottle Holder with Adjustable Leash Strap Scents Include Apple, Blueberry, Grape, and Vanilla
Makes Clean Hands Fun For Little Ones


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(4) 1oz. Scented Antibacterial Trolls Hand Sanitizer
(1) Trolls Sanitizer Bottle Holder
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