Western Cowboy Door Knocker

Cowboy Horseshoe Western Theme Door Knocker Height: 5" Antique Look for Extra Style
Cowboy Horseshoe Western Theme Door Knocker
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This Western Theme Cowboy Door Knocker is great for farm or barn theme residencies or for Western lifestyle lovers alike!

The Western Cowboy Door Knocker is a great addition to any comforting home. The cast iron material is sturdy and firm so you can't miss when someone comes knocking at your door.

The door knocker is 5 inches in height and can be easily attached to any door. There is a cowboy design with a horseshoe shape for an extra Western vibe. The iron material will make sure you hear whenever someone is knocking on your door and the antique Western look will be a great decorative addition to your home.

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Western Cowboy Door Knocker Has Cowboy and Horseshoe Design
Cast Iron Material Will Make Sure You Can Hear People Knocking Height: 5"
Antique Look for Extra Style Great for Cowboys and Western Lifestyle Lovers Alike


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