Chalkboard Jar Glasses 16 ounces Set of 4

Beverage Jar Set Beverage Jar Set with Drinking Straws
Beverage Jar Set
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Chalkboard Beverage Jar Set of 4, 16 ounce glasses. The jars are dishwasher safe and chalk is include for writing.

Never forget what glass was yours again! With this set of chalkboard beverage jars you can easily identify which jars is yours by writing your name, nick name, or any-other design you can imagine.

Chalkboard beverage jars also feature a tight fitting lid and include straws making them perfect for enjoying your beverages on the go.

Imagine hosting your next party and everyone is able to write their name on their jars for the night, imagine the time you'll save on dishes!


Top Rack Dishwasher Safe 16 ounce glasses
Include metal lids with 4 straws Includes chalk for writing on jars


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(4) 16 ounce Jar Style Cup
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