96pc Heavy Duty Furniture Foot Protector Cushions

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24pc Table Cushions
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Protect your furniture with the 24pc Furniture Protection Cushion Set!

The 96pc Furniture Protection Cushion Set is a great addition to any home, living space or office. Each set comes with 24 heavy duty furniture protectors, so you'll never have to worry about scuffing up your floor boards again!

Each protection pad features a super strong adhesive that will allow you to stick them to just about anything. Use them to reduce sliding, soundproof and reduce general wear from frequently used furniture.

Make sure to grab some of these and protect your furniture, increasing its overall lifetime!


96 Pack of Furniture Cushions Heavy Duty
Protect Furniture & Floors Super Strong Adhesive Pads Included
Reduce Sliding, Soundproof, Reduce General Wear Increase Lifetime of Furniture


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(96) Furniture Protector Cushion Pads
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