2 Piece Home Kitchen Ceramic Knife Blade And Peeler Set

Ceramic Knife and Peeler Setceramic knife close up
Ceramic Knife and Peeler Set
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Product Description

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Time to put those Navy potato peelin skills to work in the civilian world.

Ceramic is one of the hardest and most durable materials, second only to diamond. This top quality lightweight set is great for cutting and preparing fish, carving meat and slicing fruits and veggies.

Hygienic and rust proof, this set does not transfer odors from one food to another. Retain the authentic flavor and colors of the meals you prepare!

These pieces are easy to use and dishwasher safe. The blades feature a smooth finish and each piece has a comfortable ergonomic handle. Grab a set today and get cookin'!


Knife Length: 6" Knife Blade Length: 3"
Peeler Length: 5" Peeler Blade Length: 2"
Durable Ceramic Blades Lightweight
Hygienic - Ceramic Blades Never Rust Easy to Use
Dishwasher Safe Smooth Finish Blades
Comfortable Ergonomic Handles Great for Cutting and Preparing Fish, Carving Meat, Slicing Fruits & Vegetables


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