6 Pack Universal Home and Office Utility Knife Knives

Universal Home and Office Utility Knife (6 pack)
Universal Home and Office Utility Knife (6 pack)
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Product Description

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This is a fun package for the standard utility knife that adds a couple of very nice features; these are always good to have around the house, in the garage, or in the office.

This 6-pack of standard utility knives is great for any crafting project.

With 6 units in this package you can have one handy everywhere you need one.


Closed Length: 6 inches Expandable Blade Length: 6 inches
7 Breakaway Points for Fresh, Clean Edges on the Metal Blade Multi-Color Locking and Extension Safety Mechanism
COLORS SHIP AT RANDOM (duplicate colors may happen)


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(6) Utility Knives
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