6pc Universal Tool Professional Precision Screwdriver Set

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Easily complete your hobbies and crafts with this Universal Tool Professional Precision Screwdriver Set!

The Universal Tool Professional Precision Screwdriver Set is great for use at home, in the office, in the garage, electronics, hardware and more! Including 3 Slotted and 3 Phillips screwdrivers, you'll be able to repair or build just about any small project!

Constructed of chrome molybdenum steel, the blades are sturdy and will stand the test of time. They each feature a rubberized handle for non-slip grip, and come in a durable yellow storage case.

Make sure to keep a set of these around for your small hobby and craft needs!


3pc Slotted: 1.4mm, 2.0mm & 3.0mm 3pc Phillips: PH000, PH00 and PH1
Overall Length: 4 inch Length of Handle: 3 inch
Length of Blades: 1 inch Chrome Molybdenum Steel Blades
Chrome Satin Finish on Blades Rubberized Handle for Non-slip Grip
Black & Yellow Colored Handles Yellow Durable Plastic Storage Case
Used for Working & Repairing Watches, Clocks, Eyeglasses, etc. Ideal for Home, Office, Automotive, Electronics, Hardware, Crafts, Hobbies and More!


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(6) Precision Screwdrivers
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