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Ever find yourself needing pliers but the set you have can't quite do the job? With this 5pc Mini Pliers Set, you'll be able to cut just about anything, anywhere!

This set includes diagonal cutting pliers, end cutting pliers, long nose pliers, flat nose pliers and bent nose pliers. They are made of high carbon steel material and are spring loaded. Because these pliers are mini-sized, they are easy to bring with you anywhere.

They feature a dual dipped grip handle for comfort and can be used to cut metal wire, hooks, pins, etc. These are great for use at home, electrical projects, hardware, fishing and your favorite hobbies!


4" Diagonal cutting pliers 4" End cutting pliers
5" Long nose pliers 5" Flat nose pliers
5" Bent nose pliers High carbon steel material
Spring loaded Mini-sized: increased portability
Dual dipped comfort grip handle Used for cutting metal wire, hooks, pins, etc.


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(1) 5pc Mini Pliers Set
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