Compact SAE 8pc Hex Key Allen Wrench Multitool

Mechanics Hex Key Allen Wrench SAE Tool Set8pc Hex Key Allen Wrench SAE Tool Set
Mechanics Hex Key Allen Wrench SAE Tool Set
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Product Description

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This compact folding hex key set will easily slip into a pocket. Never go without hex keys again.

When a you need a hex key nothing else will do. It takes the proper tool to get the job done. Standard hex key sets often come with individual keys stuffed in bag; good luck finding the right size the first time. The compact multi-tool is a great design that won't take up too much space in your toolbox or pocket when you need it most. Good for the professional or home use.

This set includes 8 sizes of Hex Keys from 1/16" to 1/4" as noted in the features section below. All keys are SAE compliant.


Lightweight Compact
8 Folding Hex Keys Sizes:
1/16" 5/64"
3/32" 1/8"
9/64" 5/32"
3/16" 1/4"


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8 Piece Multitool Hex Key
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